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LARX carbon heating Film, 100 W/m²

LARX carbon heating Film 100 W/m²
width 1 m

Order Code: LARX-CF100W100S

EAN: 0756839497060

Dry installation directly under the floor covering, very thin yet durable for maximum durability. A fundamental element of the heating system LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system carbon heating Film.

LARX CARBON-FILM.COM has a precise construction with minimum thickness for negligible increase in floor construction. Yet it is very durable and meets the highest comfort and safety requirements of electric heating. Suitable for installation directly under floating floor coverings - laminate, vinyl, wood sandwich, etc.

LARX CARBON-FILM.COM uses CNT technology for carbon deposition. The heat production efficiency is 99 % and the operation is completely maintenance-free.

Made in South Korea.


  • Power 100 W/m²
  • Width 100 cm
  • Thickness 0.4 mm
  • Electric resistance 529 Ω/m
  • Power 230 V
  • Maximum operating temperature 40 °C
  • Maximum design temperature 60 °C
  • Designed for installation directly under interlocked non-glued floor coverings
  • Very thin, yet durable for maximum lifespan
  • Fastest start-up, extremely fast control
  • Suitable for residential spaces, for above-ground floors in new buildings and in passive houses

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1Application directly
under floating flooring

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Radek Bartuška
Radek Bartuška
Petr Klement
Business Director
Petr Klement