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Heating technology and smart control for development projects

Complete supply of technology

Warranty 15 years

Implemented projects

Take a look at our other references. We have completed more than 350 projects in 10 years.
Our customers have completed hundreds of LARX heating system installations.

LARX carbon heating Film technology

  • Simplicity of technology
  • Low acquisition costs
  • Fast realization process
  • Maintenance-free comfortable system
  • No space demands
  • Smart control of every room, including home security

The LARX CARBON-FILM.COM system is a modern way of heating with electricity for residential and industrial constructions. Carbon heating Films provide maintenance-free heating that operates on the simple and proven principle of converting electrical energy into heat. They provide comfortable underfloor heating without water, without a boiler and technical facilities. By placing carbon heating Films over the entire surface, the heat distribution across the floor is much more even than with conventional hot water pipe or cable systems. The main advantage of the system is that the investment costs are manageable.

under screed

LARX Heating System PE film 0.2 mm and screed separation film Anhydrite/concrete Possible tile adhesive Durable LARX carbon heating Film
  • 1Any flooring / tiles
  • 2Possible tile glue
  • 3Anhydrite / concrete / floorboards
  • 4PE film 0.2 mm and screed separation film
  • 5LARX resistant carbon film

Investment costs

  • delivery of goods from 350,- CZK/m² without VAT including consumables
  • turnkey installation 1.250,- CZK/m² without VAT

Technology for development projects

New build - apartments

7 apartment units, 34 €/m² excl. VAT

Technical specifications of heating
  • Total floor area of the building: 560 m²
  • Total installed area of Films: 408 m²
Energy demands
  • Installed heating capacity: 61.2 kW
  • Heat loss of the building: 42.8 kW
  • Estimated annual operating costs for heating: € 5,040 (€ 9/m²)

Costs of delivery of heating materials (including thermostatic controls)
the advantage is the much shorter installation time

Hot water with pump
€ 18,000
Hot water with electric boiler
€ 14,000
Carbon heating Films

Regulation of the heating system

Mobile application
smart heating control

  • customised LARX application
  • Tuya smart device ecosystem
  • heating set-up from anywhere
  • automatic or manual mode
  • multiple thermostats simultaneously, interconnection and scenarios
  • possibility to set a heating control plan
  • download for iOS and Android

Control of house equipment

Hot water heating

Hot water heating

Shading technology

Shading technology

Entrance gates

Entrance gates

Access system

Access system

We will connect the development facilities to remote control via mobile app for each housing unit. The specific choice of equipment is entirely up to the investor and we are not the supplier. We implement integration of device control into our LARX technology system.



LARX carbon heating Films are carefully tested

It meets strict Czech and European standards and safety requirements for a healthy indoor environment. It has all necessary certifications for the Czech Republic and other European countries.


Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of the Korean manufacturer on the compliance of LARX carbon heating Film with all standards, including IP protection.
More in our blog post.

LARX CARBON-FILM.COM Certificate for the wire

LARX connecting wires

They meet the strictest Czech and European standards and requirements for safety. The above certification applies for the Czech Republic and other European countries. It is the highest quality cable of its kind due to the increased double insulation and tinned copper.


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