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LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system for designers

Benefits for designers

Warranty 15 years

Implemented projects

Take a look at our other references. We have completed more than 350 projects in 10 years.
Our customers have completed hundreds of LARX heating system installations.

Comfortable underfloor heating

LARX carbon Films provide electric heating and operate on the basis of the proven resistance method of heat production. From the point of view of the physical principle, this method of heating is 99% efficient. Carbon heating Films provide Local heating – it produces heat directly and only in the room where it is needed (savings). The strips of carbon heating Films are connected in parallel by a brown and a blue wire.

The heating system is usually designed with a separate circuit and thermostat for each room. The switching element of the thermostat is a power relay, so the control is performed 0/1 (off or on). The thermostat must be designed for electric underfloor heating and must have a protective floor temperature sensor.

Carbon heating Films are very thin, with almost no impact on floor depth. Installation over the entire surface of the room guarantees heating across the whole floor. We do not recommend large gaps between the individual strips of Film; they cause uncomfortable temperature differences. Films should not be installed under built-in furniture and fixtures. We recommend installing them under other furniture; the furniture should then have legs of at least 5 cm.

1Application directly
under floating flooring

Acoustic insulation LARX CARBON-FILM.COM LARX CARBON-FILM.COM Laminated floor
  • 1Any flooring with click system
  • 2PE film 0.2 mm
  • 4Acoustic insulation

under screed

LARX Heating System PE film 0.2 mm and screed separation film Anhydrite/concrete Possible tile adhesive Durable LARX carbon heating Film
  • 1Any flooring / tiles
  • 2Possible tile glue
  • 3Anhydrite / concrete / floorboards
  • 4PE film 0.2 mm and screed separation film
  • 5LARX resistant carbon film

Technical parameters


  • Technical data sheet
  • Width 50 cm
  • Output 150 W/m²
  • Thickness 0.7 mm
  • Electric resistance 705 Ω/m
  • Maximum operating temperature 45 °C
  • Maximum design temperature 80 °C
  • Designed for installation under anhydrite/concrete or floorboards
  • Unique double lamination for the highest resistance to mechanical damage and moisture
  • High performance, suitable for all types of constructions, from family houses to development projects and industrial buildings
Durable LARX carbon heating Film 150 W/m²


  • Technical data sheet
  • Width 50 cm
  • Output 100 W/m²
  • Thickness 0.4 mm
  • Electric resistance 1,058 Ω/m
  • Maximum operating temperature 40 °C
  • Maximum design temperature 60 °C
  • Designed for installation directly under interlocked non-glued floor coverings
  • Very thin, yet durable for maximum lifespan
  • Fastest start-up, extremely fast control
  • Suitable primarily for residential spaces, for above-ground floors in new buildings and in passive houses
LARX carbon heating Film 100 W/m²

Design notes

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Design procedure

  • Choice of installation method - under screed, floorboards or directly under a floor covering
  • Calculation of heat loss for each room
  • Preparation of the laying plan, including positions of thermostats
  • Proposal of the output of carbon heating Films - division into circuits, possible strengthening of circuits in large rooms
  • Calculation of control resistances - after installation, we recommend measuring the resistance of each circuit and comparing it with the calculation, as well as checking the heating function using a thermal imager.
  • Design of switchboard mounting, dimensions of main circuit breaker and other elements

We can prepare a heating solution

We will be happy to provide you or your electrician with support for the correct installation of our heating system. If you do not know how to design a heating system, contact us.

as part of the price quotation, we will send you:

Methods of control



LARX carbon heating Films are carefully tested

It meets strict Czech and European standards and safety requirements for a healthy indoor environment. It has all necessary certifications for the Czech Republic and other European countries.


Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of the Korean manufacturer on the compliance of LARX carbon heating Film with all standards, including IP protection.
More in our blog post.

LARX CARBON-FILM.COM Certificate for the wire

LARX connecting wires

They meet the strictest Czech and European standards and requirements for safety. The above certification applies for the Czech Republic and other European countries. It is the highest quality cable of its kind due to the increased double insulation and tinned copper.


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Radek Bartuška
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