The Carbon Film heating set for DIY installation

Electric underfloor heating

Made in the Czech Republic

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Key features

  • For dry or wet underfloor heating installation
  • DIY installation (only connect to a thermostat)
  • New generation of our resilient carbon film
  • Advanced construction technology and double lamination
  • Resistance against humidity and heat
  • Without spatial requirements, low-profile
  • Fast start and regulation
  • Suitable for new buildings and renovations

Innovations and advantages versus a heating mat

LARX Carbon Kit LARX Carbon Kit
Heating mat Heating mat
  • Whole surface heating
  • Compared to LARX Carbon Kit, which emits heat by its whole surface, a heating cable or mat is only a linear heating element. Therefore, the temperature distribution in a floor is never as good as is using our Carbon Film (even if the meander of a heating cable or mat is perfectly laid).

  • Savings due to effective heat transfer
  • LARX Carbon Kit has a contact with flooring by its whole surface. Thanks to this the temperature distribution and heat transfer is much more effective, compared to a heating cable.

  • Full function even when pierced
  • Unlike linear systems (meander) the Carbon Film is working even if it is accidentally pierced.

  • Application under screed or under flooring
  • Thanks to simple and exceptionally thin structure LARX Carbon Kit can be installed both under screed and directly under floating flooring with a click system (certified for underfloor heating).

Size variants

Width 50 cm (always) LARX Carbon Kit width
Length See table below
80 120 cm 160 cm 200 cm 240 cm 300 cm 340 cm 400 cm 440 cm 500 cm
Product code Area Power per area Power Width Length Price (incl. VAT)
LARX-CK150W050S080L 0,4 m2 150 W/m2 60 W 50 cm 80 cm 59.5,- €
LARX-CK150W050S120L 0,6 m2 150 W/m2 90 W 50 cm 120 cm 63,- €
LARX-CK150W050S160L 0,8 m2 150 W/m2 120 W 50 cm 160 cm 71.5,- €
LARX-CK150W050S200L 1,0 m2 150 W/m2 150 W 50 cm 200 cm 75,- €
LARX-CK150W050S240L 1,2 m2 150 W/m2 180 W 50 cm 240 cm 79,- €
LARX-CK150W050S300L 1,5 m2 150 W/m2 225 W 50 cm 300 cm 91,- €
LARX-CK150W050S340L 1,7 m2 150 W/m2 255 W 50 cm 340 cm 103,- €
LARX-CK150W050S400L 2,0 m2 150 W/m2 300 W 50 cm 400 cm 119,- €
LARX-CK150W050S440L 2,2 m2 150 W/m2 330 W 50 cm 440 cm 127,- €
LARX-CK150W050S500L 2,5 m2 150 W/m2 375 W 50 cm 500 cm 139,- €

LARX Carbon Kit technical parameters

Voltage 230 V @ 50 Hz
Power per area 150 W/m2
Film thickness 0,7 mm
Film width 0,5 m
LARX Carbon Kit length 0,8 to 5 m
Efficiency 99 %
Maximum operation temperature 45 °C
Cable type Double insulated AV Cold Cable
Cable length 5 m

Installation and use of LARX Carbon Kit

LARX Carbon Kit is a ready to use underfloor heating solution, for dry or wet installation. It is based on LARX Resilient Carbon Film, professionally insulated, with connectors and 5 m cables. LARX Carbon Kit is prepared to be easily laid and connected according to the included manual, no electrical material is required. Installation is simple, can be done by the customer himself, thanks to wide selection of dimensions. One kit contains one carbon film strip of the given dimension. Individual strips can be connected in parallel up to total power of 2,300 W (230 V) for 10 A circuit breaker and cable 1,5 mm2. When connected in series the power of the strips can be reduced (only for professionals).

under screed

Any flooring / tiles Possible tile glue Anhydrite / concrete PE film LARX Carbon Kit
  • 1Any flooring / tiles
  • 2Possible tile glue
  • 3Anhydrite / concrete > 45 mm
  • 4PE film 0,2 mm
  • 5LARX Carbon Kit

2Application directly
under floating flooring

Any flooring with click system PE film LARX Carbon Kit Acoustic insulation
  • 1Any flooring with click system
  • 2PE film 0,2 mm
  • 3LARX Carbon Kit
  • 4Acoustic insulation

Our Carbon Film advantages

  • Full-area heating
  • Energy savings
  • Easy installation and technology
  • Low acquisition costs
  • Fast realization process
  • Comfortable system without maintenance
  • Functional even when pierced
  • Main or supplementary heat source

More information about our Carbon Film on

Regulation possibilities

LARX Carbon Kit can be regulated by any thermostat suitable for electric (230 V) underfloor heating with a floor temperature sensor.

Recommended thermostats

Layers of
LARX Resilient
Carbon Film

PET lamination PE film Copper busbar Carbon PE film Unwoven fabric PE film PET lamination
  • 1PET lamination
  • 2PE film
  • 3Copper busbar
  • 4Carbon
  • 5PE film
  • 6Unwoven fabric
  • 7PE film
  • 8PET lamination

Contents of the kit package

  • LARX Resilient Carbon Film
  • Connected cables (L, N) 5 m
  • Production label with tested resistance
Package contents

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