The Carbon Film heating set for DIY installation

Electric underfloor heating
Made in Czech republic

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1Directly under flooring
100 W/m2
LARX Carbon Kit eco

Heating film kiit for DIY installation Eco
  • For installation directly under floating floor
  • Extremely thin, yet durable for maximal lifespan
  • Dynamic temperature regulation
  • Suitable especially for residential rooms

2for installation under anhydrite/screed or system floor boards
180 W/m2
LARX Carbon Kit heat

Heating film kit for DIY installation heat
  • For installation under anhydrite/screed or system floor boards
  • Under any type of flooring/tiles
  • Suitable for bathrooms, accumulation heating
  • High power, meant for all types of buildings

Key features of LARX Carbon Kit

  • For wet or dry underfloor heating installation
  • DIY installation (just connect the cables to the thermostat)
  • New generation LARX Carbon heating film
  • Advanced technology and construction
  • Durability against moisture and thermal strain
  • No extra space height needed, negligible thickness
  • Dynamic temperature regulation
  • Suitable for new buildings and reconstructions

Dimensional variants of LARX Carbon Kit

Width: 50 cm

Applies to all types and dimensions

Width LARX Carbon Kit

The width is fixed and cannot be changed (cut), all types of films have the same width of 50 cm

The length of LARX Carbon kit Applies to both variants eco or heat
160 cm 200 cm 260 cm 300 cm 360 cm 400 cm 500 cm 600 cm 800 cm 1 000 cm

Can be shortened every 20 cm (isolation stickers are enclosed)

Pricelist of LARX Carbon Kit

LARX Carbon Kit eco Power Length Price
LARX-CKE100W050S160L 80 W 160 cm 44 €
LARX-CKE100W050S200L 100 W 200 cm 48 €
LARX-CKE100W050S260L 130 W 260 cm 55 €
LARX-CKE100W050S300L 150 W 300 cm 63 €
LARX-CKE100W050S360L 180 W 360 cm 70 €
LARX-CKE100W050S400L 200 W 400 cm 81 €
LARX-CKE100W050S500L 250 W 500 cm 100 €
LARX-CKE100W050S600L 300 W 600 cm 120 €
LARX-CKE100W050S800L 400 W 800 cm 134 €
LARX-CKE100W050S10XL 500 W 1000 cm 149 €
LARX Carbon Kit heat Power Length Price
LARX-CKH180W050S500L 144 W 160 cm 55 €
LARX-CKH180W050S200L 180 W 200 cm 59 €
LARX-CKH180W050S260L 234 W 260 cm 67 €
LARX-CKH180W050S300L 270 W 300 cm 74 €
LARX-CKH180W050S360L 324 W 360 cm 82 €
LARX-CKH180W050S400L 360 W 400 cm 96 €
LARX-CKH180W050S500L 450 W 500 cm 120 €
LARX-CKH180W050S600L 540 W 600 cm 141 €
LARX-CKH180W050S800L 720 W 800 cm 157 €
LARX-CKH180W050S10XL 900 W 1000 cm 171 €

Prices include VAT.

Installation and use of LARX Carbon Kit

LARX Carbon Kit is a ready to use underfloor heating solution, for dry or wet installation. It is based on LARX carbon film, , professionally insulated, with connectors and 3 m long cables. LARX Carbon Kit is prepared to be easily laid and connected according to the included manual, no electrical material is required. Installation is simple, can be done by the customer himself, thanks to wide selection of dimensions. One kit contains one carbon film strip of the given dimension. Individual strips can be connected in parallel up to total power of 2,300 W (230 V) for 10 A circuit breaker and cable 1,5 m2.

2Application directly
under floating flooring

Any flooring with click system LARX CARBON-FILM.COM PE film Acoustic insulation
  • 1Any flooring with click system
  • 2PE film
  • 4Acoustic insulation

under screed

Any flooring/tiles PE film Anhydrite/concrete Tile glue LARX CARBON-FILM.COM
  • 1Any flooring / tiles
  • 2Possible tile glue
  • 3Anhydrite / concrete / fermacell
  • 4PE film
  • 5LARX Carbon Kit heat

Advantages of carbon film

  • Whole surface radiant heating
  • Energy savings
  • Simplicity of technology and instalation
  • Low acquisition cost
  • Quick installation
  • Maintenance-free comfort heating
  • When drilled through, without impairing functionality
  • Can be used as main or supplementary heat source

Innovations and advantages versus a heating mat

LARX Carbon Kit LARX Carbon Kit
Heating mat Heating mat

Whole surface heating

Compared to LARX Carbon Kit, which emits heat by its whole surface, a heating cable or mat is only a linear heating element. Therefore, the temperature distribution in a floor is never as good as is using our Carbon Film (even if the meander of a heating cable or mat is perfectly laid).

Savings due to effective heat transfer

LARX Carbon Kit has a contact with flooring by its whole surface. Thanks to this the temperature distribution and heat transfer is much more effective, compared to a heating cable

Full function even when pierced

Unlike linear systems (meander) the Carbon Film is working even if it is accidentally pierced.

Application under screed or under flooring

Thanks to simple and exceptionally thin structure LARX Carbon Kit can be installed both under screed and directly under floating flooring with a click system (certified for underfloor heating).

More information about heating film on our website

Contents of LARX Carbon Kit set

  • LARX heating film
  • Cables (L, N) length 3 m
  • Isolation sticker for shortening the lenght of the film
  • Production label with tested resistence
Contents of LARX Carbon Kit

LARX Carbon Kit technical parameters

  • Voltage: 230 V @ 50 Hz
  • Power per area: 100 or 180 W/m2
  • Film thickness: 0,4 mm
  • Ĺ Ă­Ĺ™e width: 0,5 m
  • LARX Carbon Kit length: 1,6 aĹľ 10 m
  • Efficiency: 99%
  • Max. operation temperature: 45°C
  • cable length: 3 m

Regulation possibilities (not included)

LARX Carbon Kit can be regulated by any thermostat designed for electric (230 V) floor heating with a floor sensor. Thermostat is not included with LARX Carbon Kit. .

LARX LCD thermostat

LARX LCD termostat

LARX Wi-Fi thermostat

LARX Wi-Fi termostat

Recommended thermostats LARX


LARX Carbon film Certificate

Our Carbon Film is thoroughly tested

It meets strict Czech and European standards and safety requirements for a healthy indoor environment. It has all necessary certifications for the Czech Republic and other European countries.

LARX UHLÍKOVÉFÓLIE.CZ Certificates power cables

LARX Power Cables

They meet strict Czech and European standards and safety requirements. They have all necessary certifications for the Czech Republic and other European countries. They are the highest quality cable of its kind, thanks to improved double insulation and tinned annealed copper.

LARX smart heating team

LARX smart heating team
Ing. Radek Bartuška, MBA

Ing. Radek Bartuška

Bc. Ondřej Levý

Bc. Ondřej Levý

Ing. Petr Dvořák

Ing. Petr Dvořák

Richard Matějček

Orders, technical support
Richard Matějček

Ing. Martina Pokorná

Administration, invoices
Ing. Martina Pokorná

Shop LARX Carbon Kit - Prague

Shop LARX Carbon Kit - Prague
Shop LARX Carbon Kit - Prague
Shop LARX Carbon Kit - Prague