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  • Easy installation
  • Simple regulation
  • High comfort
  • Low price
  • Highest efficiency
  • Great price/performance ratio
  • 10 years warranty

Heating films

Why should you choose heating based on carbon films? They have the highest number of advantages of all currently available technologies and they are suitable for a majority of applications.

They have an unbelievable energy efficiency of 99 %. Their operation requires no maintenance and the consumption-related costs are considerably lower than with currently used technologies (by approx. 20%). They have high variability of use due to their small thickness (0.5 mm) and undemanding installation (no boilers, heaters or pipes). Thanks to the layout, rate and precise control of heating by the programmable thermostat, the system provides you with maximum comfort. The films neither stir up dust nor dry up air. They can be used as the primary or secondary source of heat. Ideal in combination with photovoltaic panels and household batteries.

We install exclusively the latest models available on the market: Heatmax heating films. Their service life exceeds 30 years and our company offers them with a 10-year guarantee. They have by far the best price/performance ratio and they definitely meet the most demanding requirements. In our offer you can find two types of carbon films (normal and partly self-controlled) in various widths and performance.

We install heating films throughout the whole territory of the Czech Republic.

Monthly energy consumption for a common family house in the case of electric heating (138 m2)

Electric heater
Electric boiler
Heating films

Monthly energy consumption for a common family house in the case of electric heating (138 m2)

66 €

Electric heater

42 €

Electric boiler

36 €

Heating films

6 €
30 €

Total cost of procurement and operation for a common family house

Heat pump
Electric boiler
Heating films
Total acquisition and operating costs for an average family house.

Underfloor heating system

Not so long ago underfloor heating systems were luxury and the customers had to cope with lots of compromises. The advanced carbon films Heatmax have made this type of heating an effective, comfortable and affordable heating system. You will no longer have cold feet due to the cold floor. The films can be used as the only source of heat as well as a secondary heating system in selected rooms. For applications under extreme conditions, we also offer the carbon film. The load-bearing structure is covered by a layer of insulation material followed by the carbon film with a protective PE film and floor covering.

1Application under
tile flooring

Damage-proof carbon film PE film Anhydrite screed Flooring adhesive Tile flooring
  • 1Tile flooring
  • 2Flooring adhesive
  • 3Anhydrite screed
  • 4Protective PE film
  • 5Damage-proof carbon fabric film

2Application under
floating floors

Impact insulation Heating film Protective PE film Laminated flooring
  • 1Laminated flooring
  • 2Protective PE film
  • 3Heating film
  • 4Impact insulation

3Application directly under
ceramic tile flooring

Tile flooring Flooring adhesive One Step heating film Anhydrite/concrete screed
  • 1Tile flooring
  • 2Flooring adhesive
  • 3One Step heating film
  • 4Anhydrite/concrete screed

Ceiling heating system

The ceiling heating films heat the ceiling board and change it into a large-area radiating source which heats the room evenly at a low temperature. The system does not have to heat the whole structure which means that such heating is both cheap and fast. The installation is easy and can be also applied to the so-called dry construction, which facilitates and expedites construction work. This heating system is suitable particularly for suspended ceilings made of plaster boards or fibre-reinforced gypsum panels. Thermal insulation materials are fixed to the ceiling and the heating film is applied directly onto them, followed by a PE film and a ceiling board.

4Application in
suspended ceilings

Ceiling board Protective PE film Self-control heating film Thermal insulation Load-bearing structure
  • 1Load-bearing structure
  • 2Thermal insulation
  • 3Self-control heating film
  • 4Protective PE film
  • 5Ceiling board

Frequently asked questions

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Can it damage my floor?

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Do you carry out installations outside the Czech republic region?

Why does it seem to be cheaper than other methods of heating?

Methods of control

1 Digital thermostat with an LCD Digital thermostat with an LCD Version with a touch display or buttons Easy and intuitive operation 1-Week program High quality, robust and simple non-disturbing design
2 Termostat Nest 3. generace Third-generation Nest thermostat Modern and well-proven design Smart temperature control Self-learning technology allowing temperature to be adapted to actual needs Remote control via a mobile application and Internet
3 Smart system Loxone Smart system Loxone Comprehensive control of the building heating system A wide range of control options (Internet, smart devices) Possibility of connection to a smart household Remote control via a mobile application and Internet
4 Regulation with Jablotron 100 Regulation with Jablotron 100 Common solution for heating and security with Jablotron 100 Remote control by application or internet 1-week programmable or manual control Istalling only together with security system Jablotron 100

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  • Passive house
  • Low-energy house
  • Reconstruction

Floor area:

10 m2 330 m2


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