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Our smart heating system

Why should you choose heating based on our Carbon Film? It has the highest number of advantages of all currently available technologies and it is suitable for most of applications.

It has an energy efficiency of 99 %. Its operation requires no maintenance and the consumption-related costs are considerably lower than with currently used technologies (by approximately 20 %). It has high variability of use due to its small thickness and undemanding installation (no boilers, heaters or pipes). Thanks to full area heating, fast start and precise regulation, the system provides you with maximum comfort. The Carbon Film neither stir up dust nor dry up air. It can be used as a primary or secondary source of heat. It is ideal in combination with photovoltaic panels and household batteries.

We install exclusively the latest model available on the market: our LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system. Its service life exceeds 30 years and our company offers it with a 10-year guarantee. It has by far the best price/performance ratio and it meets the most demanding requirements.

Monthly energy consumption for a common family house in the case of electric heating (138 m2)

Electric Heater
Electric Boiler
Carbon Film

Monthly energy consumption for a common family house in the case of electric heating (138 m2)

69 €

Electric Heater

44 €

Electric Boiler

38 €

Carbon Film

6 €
31 €

Total acquisition and operation costs for a common family house

Heat Pump
Electric Boiler
Carbon Film
Total acquisition and operation costs for a common family house

Underfloor heating system

Not so long ago underfloor heating systems were luxury and the customers had to cope with lots of compromises. The advanced LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system has made this type of heating effective, comfortable and affordable. You will no longer have cold feet caused by a cold floor. It can be used as the only source of heat as well as a secondary heating system in selected rooms.

under screed

Any flooring/tiles PE film Anhydrite/concrete Tile glue LARX CARBON-FILM.COM
  • 1Any flooring / tiles
  • 2Possible tile glue
  • 3Anhydrite / concrete
  • 4PE film

2Application directly
under floating flooring

Any flooring with click system LARX CARBON-FILM.COM PE film Acoustic insulation
  • 1Any flooring with click system
  • 2PE film
  • 4Acoustic insulation

Ceiling heating system

The ceiling carbon films heat a ceiling board and change it into a full area heat source which evenly heats the room. The system does not have to heat the whole structure. It means that such heating is both effective and fast. Installation is easy and can be applied in so-called dry construction process which simplifies construction works. This heating system is suitable particularly for suspended ceilings made of plaster boards. Thermal insulation is fixed to the suspended ceiling and the heating film is applied directly under it, followed by a PE film and the ceiling board.

3Application in
suspended ceiling

Suspended ceiling board PE film LARX CARBON-FILM.COM Thermal insulation Load-bearing construction
  • 1Load-bearing construction
  • 2Thermal insulation
  • 4PE film
  • 5Suspended ceiling board

Regulation of the heating system


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Is the Carbon Film safe for my health?

What wavelengths emits the Carbon Film?

Why do I find it cheaper than other heating systems?


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