Google Nest thermostat
heating system

Modern technology

Comfort and savings in a high-standard design

3. generation Google Nest learning thermostat brings a modern technology with elegant design and simple interface. Now you can have it together with our effective LARX Carbon Film heating system.

How work Nest thermostat and heating film together?

We are a distributor and installer of Nest thermostat and LARX Carbon Film for over 6 years. We have a unique know-how of connecting these systems correctly to everything work effectively. Nest thermostat doesn’t have floor sensor for floor temperature regulation, which is required for floor heating. Our system can solve this and add the floor temperature sensor into Nest. The resulting system is comfortable, maintenance-free and very effective.

Beautiful and powerful

3. generation Nest learning thermostat looks beautiful and works well. It can control heating and air-conditioning. You just change the temperature and it is learning your habits. It knows when you are not at home and switches eco mode automatically. Nest can be controlled remotely by your phone, tablet or computer. You will have warm before you arrive home. When you enter the room, it shows time and temperature. It is made from a quality glass and metal. Thanks to internet connection it knows weather outside.

Control and overview from anywhere

Nest’s extraordinary mobile application provides you house energy consumption overview even if you are away. You can change the temperature remotely, find if your children are at home or change all settings comfortably. Green leaf shows you how to save more. It supports notifications in the case of blackout or other problem.

Control and overview from anywhere

Technical requirements

We are installing Nest thermostat only with our LARX CARBON-FILM.COM heating system. In this way we can guarantee the function and user comfort. For the installation we need 8 free modules in the switchboard and given construction readiness (customized to project).

Nest thermostat parameters

  • Display: backlit LCD
  • Material: glass and metal
  • Power: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Consumption: 2 W
  • Maximum load: 16 A
  • Temperature setting range: 5 to 60 °C
  • Floor sensor type: NTC (LARX only)
  • Floor temperature limit: 5 to 60 °C
  • Switching difference: 1 to 5 °C
  • Cover: IP20, interior use
  • 1-Week program: Nest mobile application
  • Connection: Wi-Fi



Our Carbon Film is thoroughly tested

It meets strict Czech and European standards and safety requirements for a healthy indoor environment. It has all necessary certifications for the Czech Republic and other European countries.

LARX UHLÍKOVÉFÓLIE.CZ Certificates power cables

LARX Power Cables

They meet strict Czech and European standards and safety requirements. They have all necessary certifications for the Czech Republic and other European countries. They are the highest quality cable of its kind, thanks to improved double insulation and tinned annealed copper.

Files for download

LARX Carbon Film documents

Documents for thermostats

Self-Installation Kit documents


LARX smart heating team

LARX smart heating team
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Radek Bartuška

Bc. Ondřej Levý

Ondřej Levý

Ing. Petr Dvořák

Petr Dvořák

Richard Matějček

Orders, technical support
Richard Matějček

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Administration, invoices
Martina Pokorná

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Shop LARX Carbon Kit - Prague
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